Kings Medical Assistance International private limited

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First Aid Training:

We do have provision for comprehensive first aid and CPR training programme with the objective of appropriate management by implementing latest and updated concept and technology for the purpose of perserving life without wasting time. The goal of the training programme is to make the healthcare provider able to understand the situation and initiate a prompt action to preserve the life and to avoid further worsening and degradation of the condition in a casualty.

Emergency and Trauma Care Training:

We are privileged to provide the basic training on emergency and trauma care for the frontline healthcare providers to conduct, detect and treat actual or imminent life threats and to prevent complications from the injuries. The training is aimed at developing skill, knowledge and attitude regarding triage and basic as well as advanced technique of emergency care within the first and the most critical hours of patient’s arrival at the hospital.

Training on General Patient Care:

We do provide hands on training program on general patient care by our highly efficient and qualified healthcare professionals so that they can better understand a patient’s needs, how to take daily care of a patient, how to maintain general health and hygiene, how to give bath, dress and groom a patient, how to feed them and how to make proper communication with them even with elderly, paralyzed and intubated patient. We do offer training program exclusively in clinical setting for the vivid practical exposure for the trainees so that trainees grow adept in handling, lifting and moving a patient, how to restrain and prevent them from fall, how to take special skin care for pressure sores, how to administer medication on time according to prescription, how to monitor a patient, how to collect information about a patient and report the health status of a patient and how to dispose medical waste etc. The training program is exclusively designed for the beginners and for the professionals for the upliftment of the career as well.