Kings Medical Assistance International private limited

P-411/23/A, Hindustan Park, 1st Floor, Kolkata–700029

About Us

Kings Medical Assistance International Private Limited is the unique and one of the best in its class healthcare company which is dedicated and devoted with a mission to serve the mankind by nurturing the humanity with the highest set of morals and ethical values. We do maintain ultimate standard medical and healthcare services with holistic approach at an affordable cost. Our professionalism and service excellence render help the people in medical crisis to live in a better and healthy way.

Our highly skilled, specialized and efficient medical rescue and repatriation squad is always ready to provide the world class medical and surgical care as well as transportation of your patient all over the world with international competency. Our quick response medical team ensures early and safe medical escorted repatriation by commercial flight as well as by air ambulance with full intensive care facility according to your necessity and convenience.

We are strongly determined to cure the people from ill health and to recover and bounce back from illness and other physical ailments. We help to maintain optimal state of health and to facilitate a freedom from all kinds of sickness and disease. We are aimed at to promote health and facilitate prolong disease-free life as well as survival. We are ready and well equipped to respond promptly, efficiently and appropriately to the diseased persons to restore normal health with the aim of early and speedy recovery and debar from disability.

Our comprehensive analysis, assessment and treatment strategy for a patient by our health care professionals assure the most suitable treatment placement and the most effective treatment plan and outcome for a particular patient. Our methodical evaluation and multidisciplinary diagnostic approach distinguish physical, psychological or functional restrictions of an unhealthy person with an aim to design the most beneficial and personalized treatment procedure for that context.

Our vision

Our vision about health care is maintainance and improvement of health via prevention and protection, promotion of early diagnosis and treatment of disease, disability, injury, illness and other physical and mental impairment in human beings.

Our mission

Our mission is to help the people at utmost in their dire necessity according to there need and fullfil their demands and requirements, to help out them in there perennial crises, to assure them about certainty, to stand beside them as the members of their family.