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Welcome to Kings Medical Assistance International Pvt. Ltd.

Kings Medical Assistance International Private Limited is the strikingly remarkable, unparallel, exceptional and one of the largest international medical assistance companies which is dedicated for its service towards human civilization. We are committed and devoted to provide compassionate, highest quality, updated and latest health care to the sick, debilitated and diseased persons or the persons who are facing serious health challenges. We endeavour world class medical and surgical care for those who need recovery and healing from injury, illness, disease, disability etc. We earnestly resolve all the health related problems and treat the person as a whole.

We provide the best class of medical assistance, medical guidance, ground medical rescue service, aero-ambulance rescue service, launch ambulance rescue service, doctors-on-wheels, medical clinic consultation, super speciality consultation, medical board organisation, on spot medical rescue by specialist medical professionals with an affordable cost. We provide arrangements for medical repatriation and evacuation by our highly efficient medical professionals for patients by all modes of transportation. We also do arrange for the transportation of body parts and ashes across the globe according to the direction of their legal heirs.

We do arrange for laboratory diagnostic tests, immunization, immunoglobulin administration, hospital admission, treatment monitoring and discharge planning for all kinds of patients according to their needs and convenience. We provide unique, proper and justified consultation, guidance and treatment which is evidence based, time-tested, latest, cost effective and most appropriate to a particular patient and situation.

We are teamed up with highly skilled and efficient clinicians for private home visit for severely ill, old, infirmed and bedridden patients. We provide customised approach and several options to the patients for choosing various levels of healthcare facilities according to the financial strength and structure. We arrange world-class treatment for medical tourists and travellers who get injury or ill health by our unparallel medical professionals in tertiary level super speciality hospitals. Our proactive, dedicated and sincere team always persevere to control and minimise the cost of treatment without compromising treatment quality and patient care on behalf of you.

Our Best Services

Medical Rescue Service

Medical Repatriation and Evacuation

Air Ambulance

Ground Ambulance

Launch Ambulance

Clinic Consultation

Home Visit Doctor Service

Onsite Medical Rescue

Hospital Admissions

Appointment for The Patient

  • Patients call
  • Submission of reports via email or WhatsApp
  • Analysis by our expert team
  • Feedback to the patient
  • Appointment for the patient to Physician / Surgeon
  • Medical board if patient wants
  • Consent by the patient
  • Treatment proper
  • Follow Up